Strip Clubs Designed to Provide Fantasy, Not a Relationship

Strip clubs are a very popular scene here in Miami. The majority of dudes I know would rather go to a place like Club Rolexx rather than Club Bed. Many women wonder why, but different men will give you different answers. Some say it provides a relaxing atmosphere and some say it’s a nice place to socialize. Yet, one answer remains the same across the board, the desire to ‘appreciate’ the female form.

So let’s answer the age-old question, why pay for the cow when most times, the milk is at home for free? Most women think strip clubs are a waste of money. But men view it as a means of paying for a simple pleasure. I have even heard them say strip clubs prevent them from cheating on their mates because the desire to look and feel the body of another woman is fulfilled by strippers. Personally, I’m not a fan of strip clubs, but if you’re that curious about what goes on when your man sits center stage, you might want to accompany him one night. I know several couples that go to strip clubs together. The females don’t necessarily go to look at the women for their personal desire, but to see how their man reacts to them. They want to know which woman their man finds most attractive and will often pay her to give him a lap dance. I find that men have the desire to go less when their mates don’t object. Arguing about it takes away from intimacy time and subconsciously makes them want to go more.

Don’t let strippers make you feel insecure, Their job is providing a fantasy, not take the role as wifey. No man wants a woman that other men are constantly touching. I can count on one hand the amount of men I know who would actually have any type of sexual intercourse with a stripper. Men don’t go in looking for a girlfriend; most times these women get them ready for the intimacy waiting at home. The next time your man and his boys hit the “booty club,” don’t trip, just get out your short skirt and high stilettos and give him something to come home to.