Design Your Own Business Card Holder

Being one of the most effective means of getting your business promoted, a business card would not even cost you much. Therefore, it is advisable that, after you have got your business card made, you ensure that your card is stored properly, and its texture and look is maintained well, by means of getting a proper business card holder for your business card. With different kinds of business card holder now available, you can choose the type that suits you the best. Leather business card holder which gives out a classy look, and is very convenient to get as well as in use. While selecting the right kind of business card holder. What kind of business card holder you would use would depend on the kind of business card that you have got for yourself. Giving out a shabby looking or tattered business card to your client and prospective clients can be extremely damaging for your business. Therefore, business card holders help you keep up your business image in front of your clients and prospective clients. Making a card holder is an easy task, and you can make your own business card holders. The process of making a simple card holder efficiently and quickly at home is outlined here.

To begin with, you need to cut a wax paper sheet which is one foot long. This wax paper would be used as your work area, as wax would prevent things from being stuck on to it. After your work area is set, you need to put down two craft sticks on the wax paper, and place them flat on it, beside each other. Then, use a strong glue to stick up these two craft sticks, and these would form the base of your card holder. Follow the exact same process to stick up four more craft sticks, and these four sticks would form the back of the card holder. Now, make this structure stand upright, and put glue along the bottom corner of the bottom stick. Then, press the edges which have been glued against the base structure of the card holder. After this, put down three craft sticks beside each other, and glue them up together, so that they form the front of the card holder.

Repeat what you had done with the back portion of the card holder, so that it got stuck to the base of the card holder. After the entire structure of the card holder is up and ready, with a pair of scissors, cut off 1.25 inches from either ends of the two craft sticks. Then, throw off the middle portions. Then, put down all the remaining pieces right next to each other, and stick them up together in pairs. Put glue on the bottom corner of each of the pairs, and press it firmly against the base of the card holder, so that the left and right sides are now formed. Your business card holder is now ready. After the glue dries off completely, you can use it. For better effects, you could cover this card holder with a nice piece of fabric, so that it looks more professional.