Awesome Cell Phone Facts

With over 40 years of history, the mobile phone has changed the world. If you’re looking at the best mobile deals around at the moment, make sure you keep these facts in mind!

1.    Mexican drug cartels are kidnapping engineers and forcing them to create a private mobile network for them! Scary stuff.
2.    Megadeth is known for scaring babies, but what about wolves? That’s exactly what happened in 2011 when a Norwegian boy escaped from wolves by scaring them with music from his phone.
3.    Nokia are looking into techniques that will allow your mobile phone to charge itself by harnessing the radio waves which they intercept.
4.    Steve Wozniak, known for helping Apple change the world, once had the phone number 888 888 8888. He stopped using the number after receiving over 100 false calls per day, mostly from young children and babies.
5.    Young Japanese mobile owners often use their phones in the shower. Leading the country to develop waterproof handsets which now make up 90% of the market there, keep waterproofing in mind when looking at the best mobile deals.
6.    Mother’s day holds the record for the maximum number of calls in a day, but father’s day has the largest amount of collect calls on record.
7.    Your in built GPS module in your phone will deactivate itself if you are tracking at 1200 kmph at a height of 60,000 feet. This is a built in feature that prevents someone from using the gps to guide a rocket powered missile.
8.    An arrested pimp once had such a complex pattern lock on his phone that the FBI had to involve google in order to crack the password!
9.    A french woman once had the bill of 12 quadrillion euros charged to her account. The network suggested she pay off the bill in installments until they realized their mistakes.
10.  Dialing 112 anywhere in the world should link you to the nearest emergency services line.

Reasons Women Grow Facial Hair

While it can be quite embarrassing, there really are many women out there who struggle with unwanted facial hair. While it’s typically not enough to warrant looking over beard trimmer reviews and choosing the best one, it does require hair removal products/treatments. So, what exactly causes facial hair in women?

beard trimmer reviews

Around ten percent of women deal with unwanted facial hair. This is a condition that is referred to as hirsutism. In some cases, the cause is genetics. However, in some other cases, there is a medical problem that needs to be looked at. It’s critical that you should know when to speak with your physician about whether you may have a medical condition causing your facial hair.

Coarse, dark hair located on the chest, sideburn area, chin, and lip is what constitutes excess facial hair in women. This is typically the result of heightened levels of a hormone known as dihydrotestosterone, which is a precursor to testosterone. Of course, you should know that some levels of testosterone are normal- it’s responsible for the growth of eyelashes and thick, beautiful hair. Testosterone works with estrogen to provide hormonal balance.

In some cases, there is no underlying cause of excess facial/body hair in women. The term for this is “idiopathic.” On the other hand, if there is a medical condition, it typically appears at puberty and is the result of conditions such as polycystic ovarian disease, or other abnormalities in the functioning of adrenal glands.

An older woman who suddenly experiences the growth of facial hair should see her physician in order to rule out cancers such as adrenal, endometrial, or ovarian. The tumors that are associated with these cancers secrete hormones that can result in rapid growth of facial hair. Some other common medical causes include insulin resistance, diabetes, and obesity. Young women who suddenly experience weight gain or have recently stopped taking oral contraceptives may notice an increase in facial hair.

Facial hair in women typically does not require you to check out beard trimmer reviews to find the best one. However, in some cases, there may be cause for concern. Think about what could be causing your facial hair and speak with your physician if you need to.

Take good note of what the woodrouterpro reviewers tell you

The best things in life are free. In the context of good Wood router reviews provided free of charge by woodrouterpro, this positive statement is neither a cliché nor even an overused idiom. It is essential motivation and good encouragement for work from home men and women as well as professional handlers for their discerning mission to source the best wood routers on the market. Indeed, most of the recommended products can be sourced from their local hardware stores.

Here is, no doubt, an encouraging reminder to all those just mentioned to take good note of what the wood router product reviewers are telling you. Admire them, even engage with them objectively with your own, well thought through questions, given the time, trouble and dedication they have applied on your behalf, free of charge. A note to those who are already reading and listening closely tells them that they are already saving on their home work-shopping and business contract budgets.

As we mentioned from the outset, the reviews, good advice, innovative and inspirational information on new product lines are provided to you free of charge. This is empowering for you, particularly when you stroll through the front door of your local hardware store. You no longer need to stare stony faced or glumly at the store clerk who only wants to push his shelf line or sell the most expensive router to you. Thanks to the free advice already given to you, you can now make your own informed and/or discerning choices.


The advice and recommendations made to you were given objectively and were free of any form of favoritism over preferred makes, models and manufacturers or even price. Their remarks will also shed some light on the tools’ suitability in lieu of your own, specific tasks.

Get Pregnant with Zhai Premium Fertility Supplements

No need to visit another fertility clinic again. This after years of trying to get pregnant. Up to now, it would have seemed that all avenues were exhausted. But not for those still unfamiliar with the ancient practices of Chinese medicine which date back to thousands of years ago. Zhai Premium Fertility Supplements include an eclectic mixture of natural vitamins and ancient Chinese herbs. As an alternative form of medicine it is entirely healthy for both men and women to subscribe to at an affordable price.

Zhai Premium Fertility Supplements

This is mainly because it starkly contravenes the clinical prescriptions which all contain chemicals which carry side effects for a minority of users. The Chinese fertility alternative here contains no chemical additives and no harmful side effects. It is derived entirely from nature, containing a wholesome mixture of well-known vitamins and ancient Chinese herbs which have been successfully used for a number of ailments, apart from serving as a booster for getting pregnant.

Inspired by her own Chinese cultural roots and philosophic belief in the effectiveness of ancient Chinese medicines and the practices that inform them, this British-based alternative medicine practitioner designed, manufactured and marketed her own brand of fertility supplements mainly towards men and women who are challenged to get pregnant for any number of medical and psychological reasons. As a customary form of alternative medicine, the ingredients contained therein are all natural and inherently good for both men and women.

There are very few side effects, if any at all. Vitamins, minerals and (Chinese) herbs include folic acid, the goji berry, ginseng, Omega-3 fatty acids, selenium and sesame. All of these ingredients have over thousands of years proved to be primary boosters in helping women to get pregnant. The ancient practice began in China and spread to neighboring Asian countries.

All About Betting Blogs

If you’re planning on having a tickle with some online gambling you should really do some research. Whether betting on the Olympics or SBOBET Asia, you need to get as much information to try and make an informed bet.

Unfortunately no amount preparation will guarantee you a winning bet, but the more info you have on the team’s, players, clubs and the game will help massively. Instead of taking blind bets you should always try and make an informed decision. One of the best ways to do this is to have a look at some betting blogs.

Betting blogs play a major role in the international gambling scheme. These sites work by people sharing information they get from statistics and match days, and then share them with their friends on the blogs. Expert gamblers often use these forums and blogs, sharing their keen knowledge and tips to people who are aspiring successful gamblers.


Newbies will often be welcomed with open arms. You will find all sorts of information on SBOBET Asia and other gambling options. Talking to others on these sites will give you plenty of information to help you place your next bets.

Hundreds of blogs can be found online but you need to find one which you can trust. Some are better than others, and avoid the scam site at all cost, sites claiming insider information and hot tips are a dead giveaway for a scam site. Never give out your credit card information or bank details to these sites!

These blogs will help you with your bets and can often result in winning bets. However, it is important to remember that these blogs are no way guaranteeing any wins for you. They are just a community or member who share knowledge and tips to help each other.

Two key service areas of Toronto drain plumbing

Before we briefly elaborate on these two key areas let us also make a brief introduction. This is an important message for residents and businesses of the Greater Toronto Area who have not yet utilized the expertise of this essential services company. Because a crumbling infrastructure and ailing water systems network is weakly unable to respond to increased yearly heavy rainfall, even during summer months, Toronto drain plumbing becomes all the more important for safeguarding homes and businesses from extensive damage and high levels of flooding.

The plumbing service also needs to respond quickly and efficiently to emergencies which happen all year round. Thanks to just over fifteen years of servicing the area, its expertise, advanced qualifications and recognized accreditations, one plumbing and drain installation, repair and maintenance team remains well primed to continue to respond to ongoing calls for help across the city. Part of a service-oriented company’s ethos is the willingness to always dispense advice voluntarily and free of charge.

Toronto drain plumbing

There are two specialist recommendations that these plumbers keep on making to businesses and residents every season. If they have these in place, they recommend the continuous monitoring, service and maintenance of their basement sump pumps. If there are businesses and residents that do not have these in their basement, stronger recommendations to have the pumps installed can be expected. Willingly, they explain how the process works.

A lot less cumbersome to install and monitor is the backwater valve which essentially prevents sewerage drains from being backed up and overwhelmed with excess sewerage water. The sump pump is tasked with preventing flooding in basement areas. The plumbing team is also on hand to assist residents and businesses with the City’s welcome initiative of rebates as a result of flood and infrastructural damage.

Professional Quality Beats can be Easy to Produce

Have you ever wanted to start producing beats from the comfort of your own home? A lot of people have this idea that you need tons of equipment and software in order to produce high quality beats. While this was true in the past, it is no longer the case. There are many software options available for people who may want to create professional quality beats for fun or on a professional level. This program to start producing beats on the computer is not only very easy to use, but it is also extremely inexpensive.

The seller of this program does not want to extort money out of anyone. They simply want to give everyone a fair chance of showing their talent. The ability to produce quality beats is no longer determined by your connections or how much money you have to spend. A small amount of money will get you this software, which you can install on any computer. As soon as the software is installed, you can begin creating fantastic beats for your friends to enjoy.

You will be surprised by how great the beats sound when you create them using this program to start producing beats on the computer. Your friends will wonder how you managed to get the ability to create these beats all by yourself! And the best part is that you do not have to tell them your secret. You can watch as they get green with envy at the amount of attention and praise you are getting for your high quality beats.

If you are a music fan, or you want to try your hand at producing beats for fun, this is the perfect software for your situation. Not only will it let you create some high quality beats, but it will really improve the way you think on a creative level.

All it takes is a quick view and a few clicks of your own to buy youtube views

It does not matter what you need them for or what’s playing on your mind these days. All you need to know at this point is that it takes just a quick view to make up your mind, then a few clicks on your PC, laptop or mobile to buy youtube views.

Thereafter, the sky really is the limit for you. Like we said, it really matters not what you plan to do with these views. We honestly do not believe that there should be any procrastination on your part.

Why delay? You have absolutely nothing to lose, especially not your money. This is mainly because youtube views are so cheap to purchase online these days. And, as they say, the more the merrier. Producing and posting youtube views promotes merriment, doesn’t it. Buying in bulk has always been a good idea when it comes to saving money on necessary or even luxury purchases.

Is it really necessary to have such a large folder of youtube views at your fingertips, some of you might be asking? May we ask whether this is yet more procrastination on your part? May we also ask again what you are waiting for? While it is always going to be left up to you as to what you want to do with your youtube views – you can take your time about this – there actually is no time to waste. If you really want to make a name for yourself or promote yourself personally or professionally, always remember that time waits for no-one and in the youtube universe, timing is everything.

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When you capture that significant moment of your life, coinciding it with something else significant in your community, you attract the notice of thousands of youtube viewers.

What to consider before installing ductless heating and cooling units

Heating and air conditioning are appliances most homeowners and tenants need to make their homes more comfortable. The added comfort of a heating and cooling unit does not come cheap. Therefore, homeowners have to evaluate carefully their actual heating and air conditioning needs. It is easy to install a unit that is too powerful for the job. That turns out to be a waste of money.

On the other hand, when homeowners are too miserly and opt for a unit that is too small, they will experience discomfort to some extent. They are wasting money as strange as that may sound.

Appliances that work too hard use more energy to deliver sub-standard results.

Whether a homeowner needs to replace an old, inefficient cooling or heating unit or simply wants to add cooling and heating to a remodeled home determines what kind of heating and cooling system best serves their purpose.

Ductless heating and cooling units are a perfect choice for homeowners with special requirements. For example, apartment buildings and townhouse associations frequently at least frown on window heat pumps. Often enough they are not allowed at all.

Ductless heating and cooling units

Properties in areas with a moderate climate do not need air conditioning or heating all year long. A full HVAC unit is an expensive overkill. Remodeled homes and high-end rental units may need additional heating and cooling only for one or a few rooms.

Any of these scenarios are perfect for the use of ductless heating and cooling units. Ductless units are a modern, quiet and cost effective solution to your heating and cooling needs under the above circumstances.

They are easy to install, operate quietly and efficiently. True, they are more expensive than regular units. But outstanding efficiency and low operating costs compensate for the higher price.

Always consult a professional before you buy.

Visit Their Website for Local Moving Info

Getting the right moving company to handle your move is one of the best ways you can make the entire process more tolerable. Everyone knows that moving is hard, even if you are moving for a good reason. Those who get promotions from work, or find a new job that pays more and offers them more responsibility are happy to move, but they still know it is a struggle. Convincing your family to move, getting your kids to accept they will no longer go to the same school and have the same friends, and leaving a city you have called home is never easy.

And the process gets even harder if you have to handle the moving yourself. The last thing you want is to spend time packing things and loading them onto moving fans when you are thinking about a million other things that you have to get done. So what can you do? Look up some of the best moving companies in the area and visit their website so you can get more information. These moving providers are the best in the area, because they believe in putting their customers as a number one priority.

The moment you meet with someone from the moving company, they will assess your home or apartment and tell you what is needed to get the move done. They will come up with a budget, time frame and any other things you need to know. This will give you a sense for how professionally they will handle the move. And knowing the budget ahead of time helps you choose the right movers, and it also removes any surprises when the move is complete.

visit their website

So go ahead and make the call, schedule an appointment and see how easy the moving process can be when you have the right company on your side.

Going viral with snapchat hack is not just for the young at heart

We read elsewhere, just moments ago (no, really, we did), that snapchat remains a popular forum for the younger set.

That much is true. The statistics, whether official or not, or company collated, bear this out. Less perceptively, but still very much a likely case when you consider how all other social media networks are being used socially and all the demographic information that has been gathered on this, the snapchat hack is very much in full swing with the young at heart.

What this means, of course, is that people of all ages are connecting with each other in playful, childlike ways just for a few brief moments at different parts of the day to have a good natter. So say they in some English-speaking parts of the world. What do they say elsewhere? It’s called a chinwag in some parts. Across both hemispheres there are those first-language English speakers who will be referring to it as a yack or a good old-fashioned yarn.

snapchat hack

What do people talk about mostly? Well, with snapchat that’s entirely up to you. And you choose who you want to have a few moments of light-hearted conversation with. And also, it never needs to be faceless. Share a few snaps from your day, make them as colorful as you can (you have the tools to do this, by the way), and then click the push/play button, if you will. Oh dear, what did we just say. We mentioned right from the outset that snapchat action is not just for the young at art.

Let us explain. It’s for serious-minded men and women too. Speaking of which, you can now start thinking seriously about using this device to bring in new business and/or work opportunities for yourself.