10 Tips for Designing Your Small Business Website

The website for your small business is a powerful marketing tool. If you want to attract more traffic and encourage your visitors to make a purchase or contact you, you’ll need to make sure your website contains certain elements and features. Making sure your site gets indexed on the major search engines and is easy to navigate are some of the top priorities when designing your small business website.
Whether you’re launching a new business or setting up a site for an existing business, use these ten tips when designing your small business website:
1. Keep the design clean and simple. Don’t assault your site visitors with flashy banner ads, too much information and a collage of pictures. Keep the design and layout as clean and simple as possible so that you make the best first impression.
2. Make sure contact information is visible on every page. Whether you include your phone number, e-mail address or a mini contact form, make it easy for a site visitor to get in touch with you. Neglecting to include contact information can make the visitor hesitate when they are ready to make a purchase or call for a consultation.
3. Be consistent. Make sure the site’s design, logos, buttons and colors are consistent across all web pages and are easy on the eyes. Avoid using a different theme on every page, or littering each page with too many colorful pictures and buttons. You want your site visitors to enjoy the experience and not be turned off by too much “clutter” or inconsistencies.
4. Include high-quality content. Fresh and current content will help your small business website climb to the top spots on the major search engines. Search engines will also index your pages faster when you publish new content. Make sure you include relevant articles and keyword-rich copy throughout your website so that the major search engines will take note.
5. Set up analytics on your landing pages. Keep track of what your visitors are doing when they reach your main landing pages with an analytics program. Learning where your visitors are clicking – and not clicking – can help you create a better site.

6. Use headings, bullet points and bolded text to organize content. Make it easy for site visitors to get the core message by formatting text appropriately. Make use of headings, bullet points, bolded and italicized text to highlight important words and messages.
7. Keep site load times in mind. Every visitor will have a different experience based on their Internet connection. If your site contains a lot of graphics or video content, it can take a very long time for the site to load. Lighten up your site if it takes too long to load on certain browsers or over a slow Internet connection.
8. Make it easy to find your products and services. Make sure you are presenting exactly what you have to offer clearly. Your core products and services need to be visible on the home page, and the main navigation needs to include a direct link to a list of all of your products and services.
9. Use creative and engaging marketing copy. Entice and guide your site visitors with creative and engaging copy. Avoid using cliché marketing and advertising copy that most visitors will just skim over. High-impact words and phrases can help convert visitors into customers.
10. Interlink your pages. Make sure each page contains at least one link out to another section of the site. This enhances the user experience and also has a search engine optimization benefit.

“Speed Racer” a Triumph of Visual Design

I have seen “Speed Racer”, or at least what elements of it my eyes managed to pick up. And to see that is to see something indeed. And consider me a fan. I find it, on occasion, instructive to look at movies as the descendants of movies that came before them. The newer films grow up with advantages their parents never had, but if they see far it is because they stand on the shoulders of giants. For example, “Cloverfield”, one of the more interesting 2008 flicks to cross my radar, was the natural extension of the ’90s indie sensation “The Blair Witch Project”.
“Speed Racer”, then, is the offspring of the underrated 90s film “Dick Tracy”, itself a visually audacious adaptation of unpromising source material that found its genius not in narrative but in form. “Dick Tracy” had the utterly wild idea to take the color palette and design aesthetics of its comic strip literally, resulting in something we’d never seen before; “Speed Racer” also rejoices in bringing cartoons to life, primarily with respect to their physics.
It’s a digital dream, not quite a cartoon and certainly not photorealistic, where design is king: I think the moment you first fall in love with the look (or don’t) is our first exterior shot, with deep blue skies and bold green grass and everything disconcertingly in focus. To criticize it for not looking real is like refusing to see a Broadway musical because no one you know expresses themselves in song.
I hate the fact that it’s inevitably going to be called a visual effects extravaganza, because I think it’s moved beyond the realm of effects and into just being a partially animated film, and we should discuss it in terms of design and photography rather than pixels. But I have had my tantrum.

(Bear in mind I’m no Wachowski apologist; I despise “The Matrix” and I found their bowdlerization of “V for Vendetta” irresponsible. Nor am I defending it out of love for the source material; my only familiarity with the anime comes from the GEICO and “Family Guy” parodies. I’m just saying, here.)

The plot and the writing are more or less what they need to be. Remember, this is an experience of form, not narrative. We’re not reading it, we’re watching it, basking in it, taking in the motion of images. We are attending the ballet, or a photography expo. With all this said, one scene of flirtation goes on entirely too long. (Oh well.) And the one genuinely interesting plot development, which reverses something uninteresting, re-reverses to uninteresting just in time for the big finish. (Oh well again.)
Where the narrative element shines is in the performances, which are about as pitch-perfect as you could ask for. Emile Hirsch’s role is thankless, to be certain, but he gets across the notion of this kid for whom racing is everything. Christina Ricci is sexy as all get-out. The great John Goodman and also-great Susan Sarandon are very smart choices that give the film its heart. Even the supporting roles rarely miss a beat: Roger Allam makes a wonderfully slimy villain, and Paulie Litt is one funny little kid. And there’s a monkey!

With “Star Wars” prequel alumni David Tattersall and Roger Barton on board, the film moves, just as it should. Technically, some of the digital environments are better than others: many shots just plain don’t look good, and look like screengrabs from video games rather than impressions of impossible things. The biggest flaw, though, is the film’s constant insistence on using its characters as borders for wipes. This is cute the first five times and becomes nearly intolerable by the hundredth (that is not an exaggeration).
It demands to be seen in a theater. It probably does not demand, or even need, to be seen more than once. Nor is it an experience that needs sequels or knock-offs, at least not now. In five or ten or twenty years another such film will come along, the natural extension of this one. And I’ll say the same thing: “You’ve never seen anything like this.”
After all, last I heard the whole art form goes back to people just being thrilled to watch a shot of a train arriving at a station.

Strip Clubs Designed to Provide Fantasy, Not a Relationship

Strip clubs are a very popular scene here in Miami. The majority of dudes I know would rather go to a place like Club Rolexx rather than Club Bed. Many women wonder why, but different men will give you different answers. Some say it provides a relaxing atmosphere and some say it’s a nice place to socialize. Yet, one answer remains the same across the board, the desire to ‘appreciate’ the female form.

So let’s answer the age-old question, why pay for the cow when most times, the milk is at home for free? Most women think strip clubs are a waste of money. But men view it as a means of paying for a simple pleasure. I have even heard them say strip clubs prevent them from cheating on their mates because the desire to look and feel the body of another woman is fulfilled by strippers. Personally, I’m not a fan of strip clubs, but if you’re that curious about what goes on when your man sits center stage, you might want to accompany him one night. I know several couples that go to strip clubs together. The females don’t necessarily go to look at the women for their personal desire, but to see how their man reacts to them. They want to know which woman their man finds most attractive and will often pay her to give him a lap dance. I find that men have the desire to go less when their mates don’t object. Arguing about it takes away from intimacy time and subconsciously makes them want to go more.

Don’t let strippers make you feel insecure, Their job is providing a fantasy, not take the role as wifey. No man wants a woman that other men are constantly touching. I can count on one hand the amount of men I know who would actually have any type of sexual intercourse with a stripper. Men don’t go in looking for a girlfriend; most times these women get them ready for the intimacy waiting at home. The next time your man and his boys hit the “booty club,” don’t trip, just get out your short skirt and high stilettos and give him something to come home to.

Design Your Own Business Card Holder

Being one of the most effective means of getting your business promoted, a business card would not even cost you much. Therefore, it is advisable that, after you have got your business card made, you ensure that your card is stored properly, and its texture and look is maintained well, by means of getting a proper business card holder for your business card. With different kinds of business card holder now available, you can choose the type that suits you the best. Leather business card holder which gives out a classy look, and is very convenient to get as well as in use. While selecting the right kind of business card holder. What kind of business card holder you would use would depend on the kind of business card that you have got for yourself. Giving out a shabby looking or tattered business card to your client and prospective clients can be extremely damaging for your business. Therefore, business card holders help you keep up your business image in front of your clients and prospective clients. Making a card holder is an easy task, and you can make your own business card holders. The process of making a simple card holder efficiently and quickly at home is outlined here.

To begin with, you need to cut a wax paper sheet which is one foot long. This wax paper would be used as your work area, as wax would prevent things from being stuck on to it. After your work area is set, you need to put down two craft sticks on the wax paper, and place them flat on it, beside each other. Then, use a strong glue to stick up these two craft sticks, and these would form the base of your card holder. Follow the exact same process to stick up four more craft sticks, and these four sticks would form the back of the card holder. Now, make this structure stand upright, and put glue along the bottom corner of the bottom stick. Then, press the edges which have been glued against the base structure of the card holder. After this, put down three craft sticks beside each other, and glue them up together, so that they form the front of the card holder.

Repeat what you had done with the back portion of the card holder, so that it got stuck to the base of the card holder. After the entire structure of the card holder is up and ready, with a pair of scissors, cut off 1.25 inches from either ends of the two craft sticks. Then, throw off the middle portions. Then, put down all the remaining pieces right next to each other, and stick them up together in pairs. Put glue on the bottom corner of each of the pairs, and press it firmly against the base of the card holder, so that the left and right sides are now formed. Your business card holder is now ready. After the glue dries off completely, you can use it. For better effects, you could cover this card holder with a nice piece of fabric, so that it looks more professional.